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Black is My Favourite Colour

Lethabo Moje | @thabonki_asf

I've come to praise the colour black

The colour that is believed to be the first suspect

I've come to praise the colour black

To chip into the glory

That's been stripped off the eyes of our fore fathers

I've come to praise the colour black

That the generations after me don't look at themselves and asked God 'why me?'

When I broke it down to my elders

That black is my happy colour

And they thought something was wrong with me

Then why do we tell children that 'you are created in the image of God'

And still cry back to the same

God to correct his own art?

When I broke it down to my elders

That black is the in thing

That black is not only my skin

Black is my genes

Black is my spirit

Black is my mystery

Black is my magic

Black is my power

Black is my birth right

Black is my frequency

And Black is this blood line

But the black they saw

Was too respectful

Too obedient

Too heart broken

And we still tell children that 'you are beautiful just the way you are'

And still make them believe that black means humble and reserve yourself before the pinks and yellows that you meet

Pictures from by Mimi Mutesa

Hoping I kneel at the praise of their feet

Hoping I feel sadness in the love of my blackness

Overreached Preached in every sense of my being

How do I down size the melanin in me

How do I disgrace the grace in my walk,

The power in the abilities of how many worlds my tongue can hold

How do I lightly shade the black in me

How do I hide the one thing that goes with everything

I stick to my story

Black is my favourite colour

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