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Imagine How Tired

Adebimpe. A.A I @bimpe.a.a 

Baby, innocent, fragile to most

Most I say because in the shadows he lurks

He prowls and like a predator he pounces on his prey

He is smart about it, or at least he thinks he is

He neutralizes himself as a threat

Convinces the world that it is no fault of his

But how does Baby, so innocent, so fragile hurt?

Teenager, green, naïve to most

Most I say because to him she is ‘grown’

Even more ‘mature’ than her male counterparts

He is watching her, sexualizing her

He rips away her innocence with no remorse

The putrid stench of his entitlement lingers in the air

He judges her, she is ‘stained’ he says

Unbeknownst to him, he is the stain

And she is the white cloth he soaked himself in

She is the embodiment of strength and glory

But he remains nothing.

Adult, developed, strong to ALL

To him she invincible, indestructible

He pretends to not hear her cry for help

He pretends to not see the exhaustion in her eyes

He constantly makes her feel crazy Source:

He beats her up, ‘brings her up’ just to put her back down

It’s a cycle, a painful, exhausting one

But he is the one who is tired

Only if he could take a second,

To just imagine how tired, she is.

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