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Like all Black Women Before Me, I Created You.

Destiny Mae | @destiny27mae

You must know

That my lips kissed the sky

and gave you your stars

The air in my lungs raises the

hair on your skin, and carries

sweet melodies in the wind

You must know

That my hips bare the fruit you eat

You must feel shame

To stand this close to the universe

To do nothing but mumble

Poor Creature.

You must be astonished

To have existence itself fall for you

Does it wound you?

To know that I am your home?

That I carry the ocean in my belly

And moulded the mountains with the hands

That yearn for the love of yours

Why do you exhaust me?

When I have given you nothing but


The air you breathe, the water you bathe in

Are all of me.

Creature, I am your life.

Tell me then, why am I not enough?

Poor Creature,

Why am I still aching over you?


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