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Why You Need The Sweet Hibiscus Curl Defining Gel

Chizoba Itabor | | @chizoba_itabor

On my Instagram page, I rave about the wonders of the Flora & Curl Sweet Hibiscus Curl Defining Gel. I thought it would be best to fully review this product so you guys can know why this gel is fire.

Important Info

So, before we get into this review here are a few things you need to know about this product: It can be purchased on the Flora & Curl website for £16 You get 300ml of the gel The product is plant-based, cruelty-free, artificial fragrance-free, phthalate-free and, sulfate and silicone-free The key ingredients of this gel are sweet almond oil, hibiscus, rice protein, and marshmallow root The Sweet Hibiscus Curl Defining Gel is perfect for a range of styles such as wash & go's, twist-outs, up-do’s, ponytails and roller sets

The Pros

The Definition The main reason why I love this product is because of the definition it has provided my type 4 coils! Not only does this gel clump my coils allowing them to be visible for the whole world to see, it also defines most of my hair strands, leaving me with minimal frizz.

Alt-text: The 1st picture is of Chizoba smiling while looking out of the window. Her hair is in a wash & go. The 2nd picture is a silhouette of Chizoba and her hair, which is in a wash & go. The 3rd picture is a selfie ofChizoba she has her hair in a wash & go and is wearing a white slogan t-shirt and an orange shacket over the t-shirt. She is also wearing a full face of make-up including orange eyeshadow on her eyelids.

The Longevity Not only am I left with definition, but the Sweet Hibiscus Curl Defining Gel leaves my hair definition, but the Sweet Hibiscus Curl Defining Gel leaves my hair defined for some time! Even after I've finger detangled my hair, my coils still shine through instead of them unifying to become an undefined soft puff.

The Smell There is nothing better than having a good gel that leaves your hair smelling gorgeous. The Sweet Hibiscus Curl Defining Gel has a really nice citrusy scent that lingers in my coils for the whole day.

The Packaging To be honest with you guys one of the initial reasons why I wanted to buy this product was because of the packaging, it's soo pretty. I love that it comes with a pump as it makes it easier to access the product.

The Cons

It's a Bit Pricey Although, there isn't a set price category that is considered expensive in the natural hair community, the general the consensus is products over £12 are expensive. The Sweet Hibiscus Curl Defining Gel retails for £16 (without delivery charge) for 300 ml of product. Now, that's not super expensive but not all the time am I going to have over £16 to re-purchase this gel when it runs out. Plus there are cheaper gels out there that are also great like the Taliah Waajid Curls, Waves & Naturals Curly Curl Gello which retails for £7.49 on Kiyo Beauty.

Final Thoughts I found this product a bit pricey but it still leaves my hair defined for a considerable amount of time. Not to mention it provides my hair with a lingering, lovely citrusy scent. Moreover, the packaging is pretty and practical! Therefore, I can definitely see myself re-purchasing this product again as it has for sure become a new fave

Love Chizoba x

Edited by Ruth Baker

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